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Cleaning your house

We will clean every corner, every detail with a lot of care, very careful and to leave everything smelling with a touch of love, we cleaned from small houses, apartments, houses to large residences. the best service and delight you.


Cleaning your office

We are going to do the complete cleaning of your office, we will take care of your equipment and clean every detail with a special care.We are prepared to clean from small desks to large corporations and huge sheds.Call us and leave the heavy work We can do our work at special times so as not to disturb the routine of your business.


New residence

If you change, we clean your new house in time for you to find a clean, smelling and cozy environment that will be your new home. But do not worry about the delivery of the old house, we cleaned you not to have work hard. Have fun in your new home and leave work for us.



Your future event can be a lot of work, but you can call us so we can perfect everything for you, we will leave all the environment ready and in time for the big event, we will take care of everything and every detail, our professionals are qualified and trained to provide you with the peace of mind to hold your event, not only before but we can do the cleaning after the event for you, hire us to take care of your cleaning and you will be delighted with our services.


Special cleaning

You need something more specific? A construction, a work that is ending, let us clean it, we are ready to serve you and do the best service in your work. take care of the most essential things and leave the heavy work with us, we are ready to meet you immediately.


Hygiene and Dedetization

We know where the germs, the mites, the molds that cause allergy, irritation and malaise, let us clean everything and rid your environment of these pests. Let your environment clean, free of mites and allergic agents.


Keeping everything clean and clear

Studies reveal that contrary to what many people imagine, most infectious diseases are not contracted on the street, but inside the home. Research also points out that proper cleaning can help reduce the spread of diseases by fungi, bacteria and viruses.



The biggest sources of direct contamination and transmission of diseases, in general, are the bathrooms, bedrooms, carpets and rugs, utensils used routinely and used by pets, kitchen, sponges, dishcloth, refrigerator and main food storage locations.


Perfect and Organized

Our professionals are able to clean, sanitize, perfum and organize in a way that puts everything in its proper places providing you with a comfortable, healthy, smelling and pleasant environment to spend long happy hours.


Adequate and high quality material

All the houses are different, we know well the surfaces and objects that are common the homes of our clients, cleaning products more suitable and appropriate for each environment, some environments require, in addition to cleaning products, hygiene products because need to be disinfected.

Mains Items clean
Bedrooms 30,00 USD each:
Bathrooms 40,00 USD each:
Kitchens 40,00 USD each:
Rooms interior 20,00 USD each:
Clean these additional items
Inside Fridge 30,00 USD plus

Inside oven 30,00 USD plus

Inside Cabinets 45,00 USD plus

Detailed Interior Rails 103,00 USD plus

Inside windows 30,00 USD plus

Balcony Cleaning 45,00 USD plus

Organize Closet 60,00 USD plus

Outside Sliding Door 30,00 USD plus

Move In Move Out 60,00 USD plus

Clean Blinds 30,00 USD plus

Post Construction 75,00 USD plus

Patio 60,00 USD plus

Load Laundry 30,00 USD plus

Total do orçamento

Veja aqui alguns depoimentos de nossos clientes que ficaram encantados com nossos serviços emilio dami silva.

  • “ I highly recommend Roseli! She did a Wonderful job on our home - it's sparkeling clean! Feb 2019 ”

    — Cliente 1

  • “ Roseli and Gisele did a Wonderful job with our apartment! It's sparking clean! Highly recommend! Jan 2019 ”

    — Cliente 2

  • “ Roseli did a amazing job! Very thorough. My apt is on the smaller side and she asked if there was anything else she could do to use up the full 3 hours! Will definitely be using her againd. Dec 2018. ”

    — Cliente 3

  • “ Roseli was very punctual, friendly and did a great job! Lets the house smelling great and was very quick as well! Abr 2019 ”

    — Cliente 4

  • “ Roseli was wonderful. She did an excellent job cleaning our house. She was thorough and detail-oriented. She was also very efficient! We are very thankful to her for doing such a great job! Mar 2019 ”

    — Cliente 5

  • “ Roseli was wonderful. She went above and beyond and cleaned exceptionally well. Thank you! Mar 2019 ”

    — Cliente 6

  • “ This was my first professional cleaning ever, Roseli did a wonderful job in the three hours given. My apartment went from not being truly clean in years to looking professionally kept in just one visit! I wish I hadn't waited as long as I hat but so glad I did and Roseli was a wonderful first experience. Apr 2019 ”

    — Cliente 7

  • “ Amazing job! ”

    — Cliente 8

  • “ Roseli was great. She was prompt and dia a great job. I would fully recommend and I would book her again. Apr 2019 ”

    — Cliente 9

  • “ Roseli is fantastic. She was super prompt and dia a great job cleaning our place. I was impressed how quickly she did such a thorough job. Don't hesitate to book her! Apr 2019 ”

    — Cliente 10

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